How to determine the distance between bus stops


1、 According to the traffic volume

The urban area is densely populated and has a large passenger flow. When setting bus stops in the urban area, the spacing should be appropriately reduced. Too large or too small spacing will affect the passenger experience.

2、 According to the distribution of scenic spots

The tourist attraction usually has a large increase in the flow of people during the holiday. Generally, it is sparsely populated and the flow of people is small. Therefore, the distance between bus stops will be appropriately increased. However, each scenic spot cannot be generalized and set according to the actual situation.

3、 According to station distribution

Railway stations and bus stations are generally not built in the center of the city, but are relatively remote. The distance between bus stops in these places is relatively large, but generally the bus stops are set not far from the exit.

bus station

In fact, the distance between bus stops cannot be expressed in accurate figures, following the principle of small distance between bus shelters with large passenger flow and large distance between bus shelters with small passenger flow.