What practical functions should the bus shelter have


With the acceleration of urban development, public transport has also been well developed. Public transport still occupies an important position in urban transport, and there are still many people who choose to travel by public transport. Many people will know that where there is a bus, there is a bus shelter. So, what practical functions should our bus shelters have to make more people love bus travel?

1. The shelter should be equipped with seats for people to rest

Some people may find that almost every bus stop has a seat rest area. The main thing is to put some seats for people to rest. Because some people may not be very convenient when waiting for the bus, such as pregnant women, young children, the elderly, etc., can not stand for a long time, so the seat rest area provided by the bus shelter can provide them with rest conditions.

2. The shelter should have shelter

The bus shelter also has the function of shelter. Especially in summer and winter, when the weather is bad, people are particularly vulnerable to the weather when waiting for the bus. This bus shelter can play the role of shelter. It can shade in summer and shelter from wind and snow in winter. To a large extent, it provides good travel conditions for people.

3. The shelter should also have lighting function

Many careful people will find that almost every city's bus shelters are equipped with lighting systems. This lighting function of the bus shelter can not only facilitate the people waiting for the bus here, but also facilitate the passers-by on the sidewalk along the way, providing convenience for more pedestrians. These are the basic functions that the bus shelter should be equipped with. In the future, the function configuration of the bus shelter will be more perfect