The reason why three-sided single-column billboards are favored by advertisers


Advertisers like billboards that flip on three sides mainly because of two reasons: one is the dynamic communication mode of advertising, and the other is that billboards can more succinctly complete a story. For example, beverage advertisements include thirsty faces, mal-hearted men who stumble in the hot desert and dry tongues, free drinking posture with cold drinks in hand, and satisfactory expressions, and the third refreshing beverage venue. The happiness

Although advertisers did not take full advantage of the advantages of the three-sided billboards in the plot setting due to budget reasons and their own ideas in the promotion process in China, the wonderful dynamics of the three-sided billboards really touched many advertisers. Three billboards are popular with advertisers, mainly because of their two selling points. One is its wonderful dynamic communication mode, and the other is that it can complete the attraction of a story through three simple pictures. Its production cost, aesthetic effect, advertising performance, service life and other outdoor media forms ("static billboards", "neon lights", "electronic screens", etc.) are incomparable.

Triple flip

From the perspective of effect and cost accounting, "static billboard" is a relatively common form of pulling cloth, but the advertising effect is poor, boring and easy to check fatigue; "Neon lights" can only play an advertising effect at night and are disposable products; "Electronic display" is n in the daytime. If the night effect is obvious, the manufacturing is expensive. "Triple flip" can give full play to its advertising function and attract people's attention at night or during the day. When the first picture comes out, it will attract the attention of the audience, expect the second and third pictures to appear, fully stimulate people's curiosity, and actively accept the advertising.

In terms of maintenance, the cost of "static billboard" is low, but the advertising effect is not obvious day and night, and the picture is single; The maintenance cost of "neon light" and "electronic display" is high. Generally speaking, "trilateral flipping" focuses on the advantages of the above media forms and has a relatively low cost. This is why the three-sided flip exists and develops.